spiritual growth

freedom ministry

Freedom is the ability to respond fully to God out of who He created and redeemed you to be.  Champions is committed to helping everyone become the person they are created and called to be.  The goal of freedom ministry is to free people to enter into the life they were made for, to free people to grow in Christ, and to free people to be a Godly influence in the lives of others... MORE INFO >>


At Champions Church, we know God is our Savior, Redeemer and Healer.  Healing is a gift from God, and the ministry teams of Champions are present to both agree in prayer with and minister to those who come for ministry for a physical problem. Through the power of God, Champions knows that God will continue to perform many healings and miracles... MORE INFO >>


Champions Church is dedicated to being a house of prayer by raising up and releasing intercessors to the ministry of prayer.  God has designed us not only for relationship with Him through prayer, but also to cooperate with Him through prayer.  Join Champions as we intercede to see God move in our lives, our homes, our cities, and the nations -- the rewards are eternal... MORE INFO >>


Champions Church desires to teach and equip every person how to apply God's financial principles, thereby freeing them from financial bondage and enabling them to serve the Lord in the area of their gifting.  We live in a time when we see sorrow multiplying around us.  Financial pressures are destroying families at an alarming rate and, unfortunately, Christians are no exception... MORE INFO >>


God expects more of us as stewards than just our tithes and offerings.  He expects us to be good stewards of our time and talents as well.  Time is a major commodity in our society.  Since we cannot make time we must recognize the importance of the proper use of our time.  Setting priorities for the proper use of our time is an issue that Christians need to recognize... MORE INFO >>


Life is filled with times of joy and times of sorrow, and Champions Church has a responsibility to serve the members of Champions throughout both.  The Kingdom of God is a community, and a community both celebrates and mourns together.