We believe that new birth in Christ produces a change.  Salvation has been provided by Jesus Christ as a free gift which we receive by faith.  Salvation is evidenced by the fruit of change in our thinking and behavior in response to confessing our sin, acknowledging our need for a Savior and accepting Jesus Christ as God's provision for our lost condition... MORE INFO >>


We believe the need for the Holy Spirit's power and presence in a believer's life is as critical today as it was in the day of the Apostles.  We do not teach a dispensational view of the Holy Spirit's power and the expression of gifts.  Rather we hold the position, supported by Scripture, that the Holy Spirit's presence and power are for every believer until Jesus returns... MORE INFO >>


Jesus ministered to the broken and needy and had an ability to deeply address the real needs of people He dealt with.  He provided all that people needed to move out from under the dominion of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of God.  As Jesus proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, His ministry was characterized by instruction regarding life as a kingdom resident... MORE INFO >>


We believe Jesus Christ will return to earth personally and visibly according to the promises in Scripture.  His return will be for the purpose of establishing His absolute governmental rule and authority on the earth.  Christians are exhorted to be watchful and obedient until His return. While there are many viewpoints concerning His second coming, we believe Christians should look for His return...



Champions Church is committed to building a biblical foundation for church government.  Spiritual life is produced when church government and theological correctness are combined with biblical preaching that proclaims the authority of God's Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We believe the principles of church government are universal... MORE INFO >>


Tithing is an act of obedience.  God has declared that the first fruits (the first 10% of our earnings) belong to Him.  This first 10% of our earnings are not ours to give to God, but rather to return to Him seeing as it is already His.  When we are obedient to God's instructions to tithe, God promises to bless our lives and finances... MORE INFO >>


We recognize and have great sympathy and compassion for those who have experienced the trauma of divorce.  It is our desire for Champions Church to be part of the solution to the issue of divorce in our nation by bringing healing to those involved.  Because of the destructive consequences of divorce and our belief that divorce is not God's best... MORE INFO >>


While the debate of the role of women in church ministry predominately centers around the interpretation of two challenging New Testament passages (1 Corinthians 14:34 and 1 Timothy 2:12), a fair and thorough review of biblical records reveals explicit and overwhelming evidence to support Champions Church's stated position affirming the role of women in ministry... MORE INFO >>


When we repent of our sins and receive Jesus Christ as our Savior we find God's forgiveness.  Water baptism symbolizes being washed clean of our sins.  Even before salvation was available through Jesus' death and resurrection, men and women should be baptized in water as an outward sign or public declaration that they repented for their sins and sought God's forgiveness... MORE INFO >>