pre-teen life

Champions is completely committed to raising up the next generation of leaders, because Champions knows that students have a huge call to participate in expanding the Kingdom of God.  That's why Champions designs worship services as a place where friendships are developed with God as the foundation!  Our goal is to develop passionate followers of Christ while keeping a healthy balance between fun and spiritual discipleship.  At Champions, students will find a fun atmosphere with people who are friendly, energetic and ardent worshipers of God!

generations youth

Champions believes that the Kingdom of God thrives on the energy of young adults, and Champions designs its ministries around releasing young adults into their roles of service to God.  Whether it's in the worship services of Champions, in the market place, or on the campus, the goal of Champions Church is equipping and releasing young adults into their full potential.

Here's the deal.  Every single one of us has a purpose in life.  No one is an accident.  No one is excluded.  At Champions we're doing everything we can to figure out what the purpose is for each of us and then learn how to fulfill it.  You can't do that alone.  That's why at Champions, you don't just come to get involved!

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